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Capio Diem is a Café where you can spoil yourself with a relaxing environment, or enjoy a moment with your friends meeting in a comfortable place -as if it were a piece of your own home- All you have to do is choose your moment in Capio Diem with the coffee varieties prepared with a mix of experience and love, and the various plates carefully prepared with the hands of the most passionate and skilled chefs.

The name of café capio diem in Latin means “Choose The Moment, #اخترـ اللحظة “ and influenced by the name, the capio ddiem guys were inspired by your moments to combine the meaning of the Latin word with an oriental environment, so you can choose to live your moment in a space of various options. You can decide which type of coffee you want, and enjoy it more with a game of Baloot or chess, or watching your favorite team on a screen surrounded by a lot of excitement…

Your happiness will definitely make them happy, and serving you is an honor that makes their moments much happier.


Who are we?



Capio Diem

Who are we?

Around a cup of coffee met the ambition of the capio diem team, and the thoughts kept rolling until the idea of capio diem shined, as you know, the starting point is always tied to the choices that follow. Yes! The team chose to spend hours of constant work to make your happy moment in an atmosphere of your own choices.

Welcome to Capio Diem


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